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Summer Tour
| BMO |

Event / Experiential

The Campaign

BMO came to Ambient Squared for a unique experiential marketing campaign to brighten up people’s summer across Canada. Our brand ambassador teams drove a BMO ice cream truck across Canada, giving out free love and delicious soft serve ice cream. Two teams launched simultaneously from Halifax to Toronto and Kelowna to Toronto, coming together at Dundas Square for a large BMO urban picnic. The whole journey was shared on social media to build lots of exposure along the way. We partnered with Air Miles for this event, offering special packages to anyone who signed up for a new BMO credit card or chequing account.

The Result

The goal of this campaign was to build more brand loyalty and increase exposure across Canada. Branches loved it and managers called their clients to let them know the truck would be in town, helping us give thousands of people a positive first-hand experience. Large crowds gathered at every stop which created a lot of social awareness and word of mouth buzz. In total we gave away more than 20,000 ice cream cones!