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Stride Spark Park
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Experiential / Media

*Stride Spark Campaign Video*

The Campaign

Stride wanted a customized advertisement to reinforce brand loyalty for their new product Stride Spark, the first ever multi-vitamin infused gum. We were asked to seamlessly integrate this media placement in skate parks across Canada without coming across as spammy corporate ads. We worked with multiple artists to create visuals by incorporating graffiti and tagging before working with one Vancouver artist’s work. They created an integrated marketing experience that resonated with the teen demographic and showed off Stride’s energizing new flavors.

The Results

The goal was to find a way for Stride to make a splash with this direct marketing campaign. 71% of those surveyed saying they are more likely to try Stride Spark and 76% now seeing the brand more favorably leading to even more word of mouth promotion. Everyone who came out received a free pack of gum and Lil’ Wayne helped spread the word as well which increased social awareness.