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Question of Vanity
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*Question of Vanity Campaign Video*

The Campaign

IKEA wanted an experiential campaign to learn the kind of refreshes people look for in their bathrooms at home. We created this interactive marketing experience that allowed people to vote on their vanity of choice: “Sleek and Modern” or “Traditional and Classic”. Our brand ambassador teams were set up in locations across Toronto, giving away a free bathroom towel/mat in exchange for a vote. Anyone who shared the event on social media received a chance to win a $250 IKEA gift card.

The Engagement

IKEA received a lot of word of mouth promotion with hundreds of people stopping to cast their vote. An interactive component of this campaign was the live IKEA survey where we displayed a bar graph when people cast their vote. The cool thing about this campaign is that when people cast their vote, it showcased a bar graph to record people’s choices as part of a live IKEA survey.