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Graffiti Murals
| Toronto Raptors |


April 13 ’16 – May 31 ’16

The Campaign

We commissioned artists in Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax, and Vancouver to develop graffiti murals on the side of buildings that had clear visibility to showcase the Raptors success in the NBA playoffs. The idea was to produce an experience that emphasized the Raptors edge and grit to rally all of Canada behind their only NBA Team. The murals, with client creative direction, were made into unique masterpieces that had local flavor to complement the surrounding area. Each embodied provincial vibes, but also incorporated the “We the North” slogan and used consistent colors and brand images to initiate unanimity among the provinces.

The Results

The project, rebellious in content, but reverent in tone, rallied all the provinces behind the Raptors as they entered each round of the playoffs. The project increased awareness of the brand by making it a relevant and fun experience. The murals created 3,076,000 impressions and a lot of buzz on social media, especially Instagram. Locals were proud of their mural and went out of their way to get involved by taking a photo in their favorite Raptors gear and sharing with their friends. The murals were featured on Sports Network, Metro News, CBC News, Ottawa Sun, and Yahoo News. There was also great feedback from the property managers who were proud to contribute to the campaign and had an increase in traffic due to their outward.